Reaching My Publics

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The question was, how would I segment my clients publics? Well, to get to that answer we have to take a look at the client.


Backpack Buddies is a national program that was created by the Second Harvest to feed school children over the weekends. Without daily school meals many of these children go hungry on Saturday and Sunday. The beauty about Backpack Buddies is that many communities around the nation are working together to end hunger for these kids. Statesboro happens to be one of those communities. While there are two known locations in town operating a Backpack Buddies, one being the First Baptist Church and the other being Pittman Park United Methodist Church, this brochure will focus on their  partnership with the Episcopal Campus Ministries at Georgia Southern University.

With these many differnt groups working together to eradicate hunger, a few types of publics will have to be segmented to to best reach the program’s objectives. There are several ways to figure out segmentation because there are three types of public characteristics as outlined by Linda P. Morton in her book Strategic Publications. The first is demographics, things that you can not change about yourself like your age, race and gender. Second, psychographics; these are your personality and psychological characteristics. Lastly, sociographics are the groups that you belong to; this characteristic also influences how you perceive visual messages.

Taking these characteristics into consideration I have decided to segment my public by life stages. Life stages are the particular points of progression in the human life that are mainly identified by age. I want to focus on the provisional adulthood stage (18-29) and the second adulthood (55-85+).  The brochure design will be a challenge since both groups like markedly different things as far as information presentation is concerned. In this challenge maybe two brochures will have to be used.


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