Hula and Interning… A Lot More In Common Than You Would Expect

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Two men from Ke Kai O Kahiki

Ever since I returned from my holiday in Hawaii I’ve been trying to bring bits of paradise here to the cold, brown, mainland. To do this I’ve been trying to find as much information as I can about hula.

I bet you’re wondering how the hula kahiko (ancient hula) applies to an internship? It does just trust me and follow along.

The other day I had a little breakdown at work. Telling two of my co-workers (not my boss) that I absolutely hated Atlanta and even the state of Georgia; it’s cold, brown, and dead. I miss, even crave my green, tropical climates (Florida, Hawai’i). I have voiced how much I dislike the city that I’m in, it’s actually a love/hate relationship[, part of the time I love it and am excited to be here, other times I can’t stand it and wish it would blow away (it can’t fall into an ocean since it’s not near one, real convenient Atlanta, real convenient).

So, after I made myself look like an idiot and an unfortunately ungrateful intern (on the contrary, I’m thankful for the place, people, experiences I’m being afforded) my mind was jogged back to two hula proverbs that I had stumbled upon in my studies.

“E nana, e ho’olohe. E pa’a ka waha, e hana ka lima”

Watch, listen. Keep the mouth closed, and the hands busy. One learns by listening and observing. Ask questions only after you’ve tried to figure out something yourself.

I had realized what I was doing wrong. I was listening, observing, and working, but I hadn’t keep my mouth shut, or silenced my fears to allow all of the knowledge that my teachers have to be trying to give me, therefore, making me unreceptive to lesson.

There, tied in hula and interning. See, it wasn’t so bad.

Also, With Lent just a few days away I have chosen not necessarily give up complaining, but act with humility, give my new home a chance and follow “E nana, e ho’olohe. E pa’a ka waha, e hana ka lima”

Side note, I think apart of the pre-internship process, both the student and professor should discuss the adjustment process of relocating. I love where I work, but the adjustment to a new environment has been quite a challenge.


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