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rihanna typefaceHow much time do you spend thinking about fonts? If you’re like most people you only think of fonts when you’re typing up documents on the computer.  Honestly, the most I ever think of fonts is when I’m looking for the tab in Microsoft Word to change the font from Calibri back to Times New Roman.  Or the time I spent about 45 minutes trying to set TNR as the default. That little quest was a fail (if you know how to make another font your default please let me know).

There are people who spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about fonts, I mean how we would have gotten those great sites with millions of fonts? My focus isn’t on how the create the font, but the many factors that go into a designer choosing a font for a publication. Linda P. Morton’s book Strategic Publication: Designing for Public Relations describes fonts as a family of type styles that share the same name and distinct characteristics.

In class one day we watched a great video about the different personalities of fonts.

Other factors go into choosing a font besides its personality. The designer must be able to answer questions about the organization’s mission, dominant attitudes, core values, as well as the key message they want to communicate with the font. Two factors that should also be noted are the type of publication the font will be used for.  Whether your publication is online are a hard copy effects how it will be received by the publics. Morton mentions how italics don’t “reproduce well on computer monitors,” but works well in print and should be used only for emphasis; or how a reader’s computer may default to a more common font if it doesn’t have the publications specialized font.

For print publications like business cards fonts should range in size from 7-8 pt for the address and 9-12 pt for your name and 12-15 pt for your organization’s name. The fonts for brochures should range between 12 pt for body text with the headline text set at 14 pt.

Now you know some things to consider when choosing font but do you know where to go to get those great fonts just waiting to be chosen? is a great site that has free fonts. This link also has easy steps on how to download the fonts to Windows Vista.


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