24 Hr. Bangkok Special

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Democracy Monument BangkokOne of our online class’s blog assignments was to attend a session presented by Career Services. My concern about this assignment had been growing since the beginning of the semester, “How am I going to fulfill this requirement when I’m 4 hours away from school?”

I didn’t want to take a day off of work for a program that I didn’t feel would be truly beneficial to me (and the fact that I was a little nervous about asking to take the day).  

The semester was drawing closer and closer to a close and I still hadn’t attended an event. I had missed the major career fair of the semester (How was it? Were there many PR jobs?)  I should not have feared Career Services came through!

Lately, I’ve been considering a career with the government, so imagine my excitement when I checked my GSU email at work and in my in-box was an email about a Department of State info session. So,I called my dad to tell him about it (we talk a lot about job and career stuff), he rather colorfully told me to get my butt in the car as soon as possible, tell my boss I would need the next day off for job stuff.  I worked up the nerve and asked my boss for the day (she was really supportive). I was off to my info session with the Department of State sometimes referred to as the State Department.

The Department of State does three things, protect American security, increase American prosperity, and promote American values.

They do this by overseeing and implementing the U.S.’s foreign policy in five different areas: Management Affairs, Consular Affairs, Political Affairs, Economic Affairs, and Public Diplomacy (or Public Affairs).

During the hour-long session the current Diplomat in Residence, Paul Rowe, went over all of the many places he had served. While interesting it wasn’t what I had initially come for. I wanted to know more about public diplomacy, the ins and outs of the application process, and would he be there to guide us through the process like a career counselor?

It was here in the middle of his sales pitch that he mentioned one of the benefits of Bangkok, their 24 hour suit special; he was even wearing one that day. This was one of the funnier points in the hour-long information session

By the end of the session I had learned some pretty interesting facts about the Department of State, but none of what I initially came for. Did you know that a Diplomat in Residence is the equivalent to a Two Star General? The only time the five departments were addressed was when he explained that when you take your entrance exam you choose the department that you would be working in for the rest of your time as an officer with the department. That scared me, what if you chose wrong, you’re stuck.

While the information session wasn’t all that I thought it would be it did help me in another career area of my life. Coupled with the information I had received at the session and my experience at my internship it helped me solidify that I definitely wanted to do public affairs for the Air Force.

Career Services can be more helpful than you think.






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