The Tides of Interning

February 2, 2010 at 9:00 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

If someone asked me to describe my work life as a PR/Marketing Intern I would tell them that it is like the tide. There are highs and lows with hundreds of other little projects and deadlines swirling around you affecting those highs and lows. All of these things can make you feel like you’re a dingy in the vast ocean. Some days you’re riding the tide and you move swiftly across the ocean closer to your destination. Other days, you’re capsizing in the chaos that surrounds you. Gratefully, these days are punctuated with days of extreme calm, to get you ready for the next series of tides.

The high days are ones of extreme productivity (sending out e-mails, meetings, and writing), contact success (seeing your work in the paper, getting your PSA on the radio, or building new relationships), or just a fun day at the office (department meetings and LOST). I would describe my lows as days where it feels like the databases won’t end; a day when as hard as I try to understand (big picture and emotionally) why I’m doing something and I still don’t get it; days were I’m convinced that I should have gotten my degree in something other than Public Relations, these are the days that are the worst. These are the days where I ask the God to grant me grace like Princess Diana and a light like Jesus.

Today, today happens to be a high day.

It didn’t begin that way though, as I was walking out of my apartment, head held low, I told the Lord, “Lord, if today doesn’t go well, I don’t know what I’m going to do; I just need your help cause I’m really feeling like going home, I need something that’s going to make me want to stay.” Moments like these lead me to verbally acknowledge my gratitude for where I work. I have innumerable sources of information about all sorts of things, each willing to give me the knowledge that they have. This is an honor and a blessing.

But, back to work

I never really know what I will be presented with until I’m actually at work. For instance, I found out today that I will be writing press release for Sheep to Shawl, an event happening on campus. Wednesday, I’ll be attending an AMTA meeting tomorrow. Thursday, I’ll be welcoming our guests from the Atlanta Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and Ecuador! Overall, I got a LOT accomplished today.

The things I mentioned before excite me, the high days; these are the things that I make me look forward to work. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind creating databases and sending out hundreds of emails. It’s finding the thrill and sense of purpose in each task that’s a challenge.

The overarching challenged that I am currently facing is synthesizing the big picture. The difficulty in achieving this synthesis I believes comes from my age. I want the understanding right now! I’ve grown up in the age of instant gratification, success driven work, and the need for purpose in all aspects of one’s life. It feels like my generation has unintentionally been set up for failure. I work hard and diligently and I expect success right away.

I think what drives me every day, even more than the thought of graduation (this is the last thought actually)is that there will be success in the end. I need to consciously enjoy the ride; bring myself back to the present and figure out a ways to turn each moment into a learning experience. The destination will be reached, but only if I go through the highs and lows of the ocean voyage.


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