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The word CRAP doesn’t bring to mind the image of sunshine and daisies. But the thought of following CRAP seems counter-intuitive. But as a PR Publications student CRAP is fundamental in all design decisions. The letters of this dirty little acronym actually stand for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. Four things that make publications appear clean, concise, and consistent.

What I want to focus on is Repetition. I know that I appreciated consistency with in a publication. Basic Principles of Visual Design mention how repetition can unify documents.

Some points on repetition from Robin WilliamsNon-Designer’s Design Book.

  • Repeat some elements of design throughout the piece through color, shape, texture, and bullets
  • It helps to organize information

Oil painting by Thom Evans titled Repetition

Repetition mainly concerns itself not with the repetition of text, but with the consistent use of visual elements on a page. For instance, all of the sub-headers on a page should be the same font; all bullets should remain the same throughout the document.  When I think of repetition I think of visual consistency. The benefit of this is that it improves readability of the document. On several occasions I have found myself reading something and becoming frustrated because the layout of the article was not consistent.

Another thing to remember with repetition is that just because the layout of a document is the same throughout doesn’t mean that it is boring. Repetition allows for creativity. The repeption allows for the readers eye to led throughout a document. So that reader frustration doesn’t ensue.

Repetition=Consistency=Reader Happiness


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